sparkygeek2ISA-Member-logo(3)(1)    Brian Gallimore is an electrical industrial automation and controls specialist located in Princeton, Texas.  He has a 4-year engineering degree from Texas Tech and more than 17 years of experience in the controls field.  He has worked on high-speed converting machines that make diapers, large, complex airport baggage conveyor systems, industrial waste water treatment systems, chlorine dioxide generators, flares, thermal oxidizers, remote data collection, material handling systems, chilled water systems, truck unload/load systems, and in chemical plants, processing plants, food plants, metal plants, gas plants, oil refineries, data centers, tank farms, pump stations, and more.017
He has learned the skills needed to effectively apply automation and controls to any process or machine.

Brian is available to assist on projects as a PLC programmer, HMI/SCADA programmer, integrator, panel designer, system designer, network designer, or consultant.  He can design and implement controls solutions and help bridge the gap between the realm of a specific machine or plant and the lingo-heavy electrical controls world.

Sparky Geek, LLC is certified by the Texas Department of Transportation as a Small Business Enterprise (SBE).


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